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5 Weird Things Found Down The Back Of Your Sofa!

We all have different categories of friends: a best friend, a close friend, a gossip friend etc. the list never ends. But, there is this secret unacknowledged friend who we always take for granted. It’s our SOFA!

You sit on your sofa while eating, lie on it while watching television, read on it, pray on it and what not. It has always kept your comfort first (however weird and romantic this sounds, it’s true). You normally never realise how dirty your sofa is, but after reading this, trust me, you’ll be disgusted that you’ve lived half of your life on it & possibly never checked what is going down there (no pun intended)!

5 weird things found down the back of your Sofa!

1.Food articles

Remember the last party you had at your place? Search inside your sofa and you might just receive a souvenir (bits of your pizza, oregano, chips, Poppins, etc.) And even if you’re not the party type, I’m sure you do eat on your sofa quite often, while watching TV or Netflix.

Food articles inside your sofa create many problems at so many levels. The food starts stinking and develops fungi all over it. If not fungi, then definitely it will start attracting ants. (Sshhh, the ants are talking)

2. ‘Teeny-Tiny’ things

dirty sofa

The teeny tiny articles like the cap of your bottle, your metro (or any other) card, a key to your drawer, that single earring, a lost sock and plenty other things can be found down the back of your sofa. Have you ever wondered, where they go? No? Go and check inside your sofa, you might just find millions of them!

 3. Pet Hair

Yes, removing pet hair is hell of a task which you can never really accomplish, tiny strands of hair will always cling to your sofa, no matter how hard you brush them off. We know you louve your cute pet, but their hair sticking to your body, bed and sofa must have irked you at some point. Yikes?!

4. Insects

Ever felt ticklish while lying on your sofa? No, it’s not your hair brushing against your skin, it can be the ants or the bugs living inside your sofa. Yes, you heard me right, LIVING inside your sofa. More than disgusting, it is dangerous and highly unhealthy. There can be certain parasites inside your sofa which can stick to your skin later and suck your blood. Holy sh*t!

5. Dust Mites


Dust mites are microscopic beings that live in human habitation. Due to their extremely small size and translucent bodies, they are barely visible to the unaided eye. Also, they are a common cause of asthma and allergic symptoms worldwide. As deadly as they sound, they are super hard to get rid off once attacked.

Scared? Well, I am. There goes the Sofa out of my house!

OKAY okay, this cannot be the solution, because even if we get a new sofa, there is no guarantee that it won’t get dirty, especially in the polluted environment we live in.

Well, you just need one thing then: a Professional Sofa Cleaning Service  and all your worries will be ‘thoroughly washed away’.

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